With two cancellations of the traditional annual Licorice Festival, the organizing team had to be creative.

Based on a small opening in the Covid-19 restrictions, the organizers (Eva Vedel, Expoviva and Kenneth Guldhammer from Scagro Food) succeeded in September in conducting “The Taste of Liquorice Award 2020” in Tivoli, Copenhagen.

The cool Team did not give up – the licorice taste MUST be tasted – and it was!

This year’s nominated products with the taste of licorice, were judged by a strong taste panel, consisting of dessert chef, confectioner and baking contest judge Markus Grigo, Tivoli’s gastronomic developer Tora Bjarnason and cake artist, cookbook author and recipe developer Maja Vase.

The criteria for the assessment were i.a. structure, taste and uniqueness.

The winners were:

Gold – Bagsværd licorice

Silver – Reserved Chocolate Denmark

Bronze – Hattesen Confectionery

“It’s a huge pleasure to work with licorice enthusiasts,” says Kenneth Guldhammer, Scagro Food. “We will also in 2021 be “on our licorice toes”, presentation new and exciting products”.